Friday, May 25, 2018

On the move - tag art

Summer is the time that a lot of families take long vacations.  The weather is nice, kids are out of school and it's always great to get away.  You're going to take a lot of photos while you're away and there is a good chance that many of you will create scrapbooks.  This could be used in a pocket perhaps with your own photos on the flip side.  Some of you may even be bringing back souvenirs for friends and family and need a gift tag.  Either way, my project today is for you.

Altered Pages has many destination themed collages so no matter where you're headed, chances are you can find some great images to compliment your photos or gifts.  I chose several images from mostly non-U.S. cities for my tag.  I've never been anywhere so I may as well dream big.

I chose to use Memento Luxe in 4 colors and Donna Salazar Mixed Media in in Truffle brown.  The Memento colors were sponged on at random and the Mixed Media ink was sponged around the edges and also used for the clock faces.

The images on the 6x6 Time Travel stencil are close together so I surrounded the one I wanted to use with painters tape.  This allowed me to get ink into the entire image without edges or ghosts of the rest of the stencil images close by.

After the ink was dry enough to not smear, I started adding the travel images with a glue stick.  A little fancy yarn at the top and the tag was complete.  

Products used:

327D Glass Slides Travel
380D Travel Images XL
452D Eiffel Tower
2165 Train Travel Days
782D Yellow ATCs
246D Italia
2367 Pocket Quotes 2

Friday, May 11, 2018

Red - White - Blue two ways

With Memorial Day on the horizon this month I have started thinking about one of my favorite color, white and blue!  We all know that those colors are associated with patriotic events, but they can be fun for other projects, too.  This week I'm sharing one of each over on the Altered Pages blog called Altered Pages Artsociates.

Collage 3118 Greyhounds has a lovely vintage lady with her hounds and the colors are perfect to pair with the Authentique paper pad Heroic.  There is even a frilly brocade pattern that plays off the French words in the photo.  

Flip those patterns over and you'll find a more traditional patriotic design.  For this card I used the Uncle Sam image found on the collage called Patriotism.

Both cards were made with the same layout and embellishments so you can see how easy it is to create an entirely different look with a single paper pad.


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Friday, April 27, 2018

I've got a notion ... a sewing notion, that is!

This old-fashioned sewing stamp set reminds me of the pajamas my grandmother used to make us when I was little.  Unfortunately, the "sewing gene" didn't make it to me!  I think she would have liked my trio of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) that I'm sharing today over on the Altered Pages Artsociates blog.  I hope you can take a moment to hop over there and leave me a word or two and say hello!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Mixed Media Greeting Card

Spring is finally here!  Although it has still been cool, the sky is blue and sunny and the plants are beginning to stir.  In their honor I chose to work with blues and greens this week.

I started with two gel prints which were made with the same paints.  One was more green and the other more blue.  In fact, one of the prints is even on blue paper.  I cut them both into 1" strips.  I wanted an uneven mosaic so I used one long piece and 6 shorted pieces of various lengths.  

Each of these pieces had the edges darkened with green ink so that they would all blend together.  It also hides the fact that the card stock of each print was a different color.

I tried to get an even distribution of green and blue.  Double sided adhesive holds all of the pieces in place on the black card stock.

I just bought to lovely stencils from Altered Pages and couldn't wait to use them!  I chose blue and green inks to compliment the paints.

I'm not sure what this shape is supposed to be, but it seemed plant-like so I started with it.  

To make the card feel like a complete piece rather than 7 panels, I made sure each of the stenciled images covered at least two pieces.  I used almost all of the shapes on both stencils.  

To make them stand out, the word GROW and the focal leaf are silver.  Ink for the leaf and gel pen for the word.

Products Used:
Silver Ink Pad

Friday, February 23, 2018

Just begin!

We've all learned to appreciate a job well done, but before that can happen you have to get a good start!  This is true whether it's a job or a hobby.  You might be amazing at something, but you won't know until you begin.  

Today's project for the Altered Pages Artsociates blog started with a monoprint on my gel plate.  I like to collect interesting patterned items to use with my prints.  The shapes in this print are from an empty adding machine tape roll and the wheel from an empty tape runner.

My print was made on a scrap of blue card stock with blues, greens and red paint.  We're all about red this month so I sponged in some red ink on the page and left some random areas untouched so that the other colors would pop out.

The addition of the permanent ink really altered the paint colors.  I added a little darker red around the edges after the paper was trimmed to size, in this case it's an A6 card panel.  I also dipped the edges into the dark ink so the blue paper wouldn't be obvious.

To keep the gear theme from the background going I chose some chipboard gears of various sizes and dipped them in the same pigment ink that I used on the edges.  

A hint of blue darkened the edges just a little.

This saying by Plato is on the Pocket Quotes 2 collage sheet.  These little pocket sayings are perfect for artist trading cards if you leave them whole or you can cut them apart.  

It really needed something to show off the chipboard since it's a very monochromatic card.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any of the fabulous silver gear embellishments from Altered Pages, so I raided my husband's hardware bin and found these lock washers.  Between the pop of silver and the dark blue card stock base, the gears show up beautifully!  

Supplies used:
Gel plate (Altered Pages has multiple sizes!)
Acrylic paint in your choice of colors
Texture tools 
StazOn ink - Valentine Red
Memento ink - Rhubarb Stalk and Nautical Blue
Chipboard gears
Pocket Quotes 2 collage sheet
Metal gears
Card making tools 
Scoring mat
Double-sided adhesive
Strong glue to hold the metal

Friday, January 26, 2018

Love is in the air

Love is in the air with Valentine's Day right around the corner.  This romantic couple can help you and your sweetie pie celebrate.

Three of the collage images on today's card are from the Victorian Valentines collage sheet from Altered Pages.  The sentiment image is from the Mini Images Valentines.  I think they all work really well together.  

I started with a red panel of card stock and a gold doily.  I made this one out of a textured gold card stock but any size and color you choose will work very well.  The doily is glued to the center of the card stock and then I layered on the images.  

The heart surrounding the couple in love has a dotted design around the edges.  Perfect for embellishing with a little Stickles glitter glue.  The smaller ornate heart has a ring of flowers around the heart and I added gold Stickles to the center of each little flower.

There is a lot of red going on here so I used some foam adhesive to hold the little plain heart off the page and make it stand out.  Two little strips of gold border stickers add another touch of glitz.

Aren't these little pearl petite flowers cute?  Just the perfect accent for my Valentine card.  The whole panel is mounted on an off-white piece of card stock.

Supplies used:
Victorian Valentines collage sheet
Mini Images Valentines collage sheet
Stickles - your choice of colors
Pearl Petite Classic flowers
Border Design 2 stickers
Adhesives - glue, double sided tape & foam tape

Friday, January 12, 2018

Valentine Salsa

Do you like making collage cards?  There are a lot of different types of collages, but my favorites are when I can take a bunch of unrelated images and make a scene with them.  When I was making this card I jokingly called it "Sally spices up a Tuesday night".  Yeah, I crack myself up.  If you'd like to see the individual collage images that went into making this romantic scene, click here.

Is it me, or does this guy from That's Class look like a young Kenneth Branaugh?