Friday, September 14, 2018

A little mixed media

This week I have been playing around with color.  Fall is inching closer and Michigan will be a flood of reds and golds in a few short weeks.  I love Fall colors and that's what I've used on this canvas.

I started with a layer of gesso.   Right after the layer was complete, I dipped my brick stencil into the wet gesso to leave an impression.

To better show the texture of the dried gesso, I smeared on a few light spots of Gelato to highlight the ridges.

The entire canvas was covered with Dixie Belle's Grunge Glaze.  Since I was going with a Fall theme I felt like the brown in the glaze would be a good fit.

The glaze interacted with the Gelato and gave me some different undertones.  Gelatos are water soluable so they are activated with paint just as easily as with water.

I chose a few more Gelatos that reminded me of fall and used my finger to apply them in random spots on the canvas.

Now to add some fun texture!  Punchinella is a great way to add dots to a background.  You can sponge or paint over the surface.  This time, since I was using Gelatos I chose to lay down the ribbon and wipe over the top with a baby wipe to remove some of the pigment.  This lets the spots remain the same basic color as the surrounding area.

I made sure the ribbon was going in a couple of different directions so that the spots would be random.

At this point I sprayed the canvas with a fixative to keep the Gelatos from reactivating in the next stages.  The gesso was still out so I dipped a paper tube and a pencil eraser in it to add circles and spots.  Gesso is thick so these are slightly raised.

A little water was added to the grunge glaze to form drips.

Our paper towels at work have a gear on one end to go on the feeder.  There was an almost empty roll on the counter so I rescued this little piece of plastic and used it here to create these gear circles in the copper Art Alchemy paint.

I applied a few patches of a white pearl paint with my fingertip .  They look really white in the bright light at this angle.  At other angles you can barely see them.  I like that effect!

These letters are from a tag alphabet.  I have them just laid on the canvas right now because I am thinking of adding more layers to it.

Supplies Used:
Your choice of canvas or art journal
Gelatos in your favorite colors
Spray Fixative

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Halloween Pocket Page, part one

If you haven't yet searched for Halloween goodies at Altered Pages then please let me recommend them to you!  There are collage images of every type so whatever type of project you're making, you won't be disappointed.  Which Halloween collage did I use for this project?  All of them.  Well, it seems that way.  Let me explain.

When you're making an altered pocket page project you need a lot of collages to work with.  So I printed off each of the Halloween collages that I've collected over the years and cut them apart while my husband and I watched baseball.  That way, I could work on a project, still have our time together, and because I wasn't coloring or assembling, I could put it down and pick it up with ease.

When you are printing your images at home, you control the size and color.  I printed a couple different sizes for each page and I also used a couple of different color papers.  It's important to keep in mind that the ink will appear different on each paper as well as having the background darker or lighter.

Another tip that I'd like to share is that it's important to ink the edges of each image to help them blend together to be more cohesive.  You can use an ink page, dauber, cotton swab...any method you choose.  The goal is just to mask the color of the paper.

It's also important to judge how to use your "white space".  This golden card stock was very plain so I just added very light dots to give it a little hint of color.  You can go with a fancy pattern or just use what's close at hand.  I chose this little foam disk.  It's one of those self stick things you put on the bottom of lamps and things to keep them from scratching your furniture.  I had to buy a big pack and had a few left over.

Some images may not fit perfectly on such a small project.  Pocket projects are a series of nine ATCs on each side and they measure only 2.5 x 3.5 each.  I kept the mitered edges of the frame on the image below, trimmed the picture down and reattached them so I get the same feel and it fits on my card. 

So, how do I decide which images to use?  I go for the main image that I like and then pick out smaller things to fill in like cats and bats from other pictures.  

And here is side one, complete in their little pockets.  I hope you'll come back to see the flip side next time!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fairy Dreams

It is no secret that one of the things I love best about Altered Pages is the large catalog of digital collage images.  They can be used as a single focal image on a project or combined in a seemingly infinite amount of ways.  This greeting card today uses images from several different collage sets to create a sweet floral fairy scene.

I picked out three of my favorite images and cut each one out in detail.  There was a lot of white in both the daisy and fairy images so I grabbed my craft knife and started by pruning the daisies.  When I was satisfied with my trimming I used glitter glue on the daisy centers.  I printed off a second image so that I could mount the center flower on foam dots.

I ended up leaving some of the white toward the bottom because there were other things going on.  I added a white flower border and pale yellow Dew Drops to the bottom.  I find that when you're making a scenery card, it helps your eye to rest when there is a bottom base.  Using a floral border helps create the image of the fairy dancing in the garden.

The words were also mounted with foam dots.  A few butterflies as playmates for the fairy and  I've got a fun little note card.  

Products Used:
Graphic 45 6x6 Home Sweet Home paper pad
Bazzill border
Dew Drops
Adhesive tapes and glues

Collages Used:
Fairy Dolls
Fairy Dreams
Pretty Purple

Friday, June 22, 2018

John Wayne...The Duke

All through the month of June Altered Pages is celebrating men.  The men in my family love to spend Sundays watching Westerns and there's no cowboy more manly than John Wayne, The Duke.  My card today on the Altered Pages Artsociates page is an homage to those rugged men in movie Westerns.  

I found a great black and white image of John Wayne (please don't ask me what movie it's from) in an old Mailbox Muse kit.  There were other Hollywood collages in that kit, which is where the words came from.  The other cowboy images were on the Old West and Vintage Cowboy sheets.  

The black bar border and white stars border gave me the old-time movie feel I was looking for.  I rounded out the design with two rubber stamps from the Muse Hollywood Movies stamp set.

Supplies Used:
Old West collage
Black ink (to edge the images)

And if you like cowboys, check out this kit!  There is only one left!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fathers Day...Yeehaw!

We are celebrating men this month at Altered Pages and this rugged cowboy makes a perfect Fathers Day card for the outdoorsy type.  

These two collage images share a color palette.  Even though the sky and ground were different on each of the photos, I trimmed the tree line on each one so that it would flow across the card.  

To make it a "manly" card vs. just a landscape card, I needed to add at least a cowboy.  This fellow and his horse are both on the same collage called Old West.  Perfect!

I pulled a lot of different images out to combine for this card and opted to use just five of them. I cut the bottom barn away from the sky in the photo to add to my background.  Putting this barn in front gave it another layer of dimension front to back, putting the original barn image further to the back.

The ground on this second barn worked pretty well with the rocky ground of the mountain image.

The white edge where the trees came together was touched up with a dark orange Gelato and a water pen and quickly blotted.  The cowboy below has white between the loops of his rope so I used the same process to color them in with a dark green Gelato.  I also lightly colored the rocks in the bottom right corner with this color.

The image was squared up and trimmed to be a layer on a 5x7 card.  Before attaching my scene to the light sky I touched up the scene all the way around with a topaz ink, which matches the color of the next mat.

All of the matted layers were combined into the card below.

The Mini Tag Alphabet Collage comes in several colors.  I cut them into little rectangles and used the same topaz ink to distress the edges.

Each of the letters were mounted with a small square of dimensional foam adhesive.

I used the "D" in Day to camouflage the line where the two tree images come together.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to come back again real soon to see what the Altered Pages Artsociates Design Team has to share with you.

Old West collage
Vintage Barns collage
Colors In New England collage
Alphabet Tags collage - several colors available
Double-sided Adhesive - several widths are available
Foam Dimensional Adhesive - several sizes are available

Friday, May 25, 2018

On the move - tag art

Summer is the time that a lot of families take long vacations.  The weather is nice, kids are out of school and it's always great to get away.  You're going to take a lot of photos while you're away and there is a good chance that many of you will create scrapbooks.  This could be used in a pocket perhaps with your own photos on the flip side.  Some of you may even be bringing back souvenirs for friends and family and need a gift tag.  Either way, my project today is for you.

Altered Pages has many destination themed collages so no matter where you're headed, chances are you can find some great images to compliment your photos or gifts.  I chose several images from mostly non-U.S. cities for my tag.  I've never been anywhere so I may as well dream big.

I chose to use Memento Luxe in 4 colors and Donna Salazar Mixed Media in in Truffle brown.  The Memento colors were sponged on at random and the Mixed Media ink was sponged around the edges and also used for the clock faces.

The images on the 6x6 Time Travel stencil are close together so I surrounded the one I wanted to use with painters tape.  This allowed me to get ink into the entire image without edges or ghosts of the rest of the stencil images close by.

After the ink was dry enough to not smear, I started adding the travel images with a glue stick.  A little fancy yarn at the top and the tag was complete.  

Products used:

327D Glass Slides Travel
380D Travel Images XL
452D Eiffel Tower
2165 Train Travel Days
782D Yellow ATCs
246D Italia
2367 Pocket Quotes 2

Friday, May 11, 2018

Red - White - Blue two ways

With Memorial Day on the horizon this month I have started thinking about one of my favorite color, white and blue!  We all know that those colors are associated with patriotic events, but they can be fun for other projects, too.  This week I'm sharing one of each over on the Altered Pages blog called Altered Pages Artsociates.

Collage 3118 Greyhounds has a lovely vintage lady with her hounds and the colors are perfect to pair with the Authentique paper pad Heroic.  There is even a frilly brocade pattern that plays off the French words in the photo.  

Flip those patterns over and you'll find a more traditional patriotic design.  For this card I used the Uncle Sam image found on the collage called Patriotism.

Both cards were made with the same layout and embellishments so you can see how easy it is to create an entirely different look with a single paper pad.


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