Tuesday, October 15, 2013


There is a masquerade mask contest over on The Robin's Nest blog and I couldn't resist entering!  I love masks.  In fact, I have a beautiful ceramic mask on the wall of my studio that I bought back in high school.  I've made mask cards over the years and have won a club contest over at one of my previous Yahoo groups.  I like them because they can be anything at all.  Funny.  Serious.  Scary.  Romantic.  Masculine.  Feminine.  Absolutely versatile!  This is the project I submitted for consideration.

I grabbed my very favorite Robin's Nest paper called Spring Stripe, downloaded a new template and went to work.  I chose two from patterns from their glittered card stocks for the accent pieces.  Shocking Pink and Red Sorbet were die-cut using the Harlequin pattern from Provo Craft.
I chose coordinating Dew Drops for highlights.  The Robin's Red Dew Drops were used with the accent pieces and the Sprinkles Dew Drops highlight the eyes and were also used on the gold floss as dangles in place of beads.

I borrowed a technique from a previous post and used a pencil with a Dew Drop highlight for the stick that supports the mask.  A scrap of double-layer lace gives it a feminine finishing touch.
If you would like to make your own mask there are a large variety of free mask templates available.  I found this one by doing a Google search.

Here are the cards I have made using a similar template of a slightly smaller dimension.  Wow, the files say they were created in 2004!  Where does the time go??
My award winning mask card.  Sorry, so long ago that I don't remember which club!
Valentine for my mother
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  1. Great job on your mask Robin! The dangles are cool and all the cards are beautiful!