Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another Oz adventure

Dorothy had many adventures in Oz, including the one that took her to the witch's castle.  Although it's never mentioned, I like to think her spooky castle had gargoyles.  All of the best scary castles do!

This card was super easy to make.  The "castle wall" is a brown polka dot pattern from a Glitz paper stack and brown ink for shadows.  Each of the figures and the door were stamped on a brown marbled paper.   I was hoping for a nighttime shadow effect.  The bottom of the door frame doubles as a base for the gargoyle statue.

Muse Dorothy's Adventures stamp plate
Muse Gothic Cathedral stamp plate
Muse Architecture Stamps stamp plate
Glitz paper pad
Brown Ink
Ink Sweeper sponge

Traditional card making supplies: scissors, double sided adhesive, glue stick, ScorPal

Until next time...Happy crafting!


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