Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dew Drops - my favorite new embellishment!

Anyone who looked in my craft cabinet might think I have a lot of embellishment opportunities.  I have buttons & glitter, of course.  Who doesn't?  I have beads and stray jewelry items.  I have cancelled stamps, stickers and gem stones.  And I have Dew Drops!

The Robin's Nest has been around for a long time but I just discovered them last year.  And I love them.  I have a rainbow of these lovely little half round beads.  I also have a wish list because they come in so many different colors and sizes.

I was looking through my bin of spare card parts and found this pretty daisy background and thought it was the perfect design for my new little embellishments.
The yellow card stock was stamped with yellow pigment ink and embossed with fine, clear powder.  And then tossed into a bin for a couple of years. ha-ha  So tonight I took my white paint marker and colored the inside of each tiny daisy petal.  I sorted out tiny yellow Dew Drops out of the Getaway color mix and glued one inside each of the flowers using Helmar's Gemstone Glue.

A touch of yellow & white ribbon and another daisy stamped on white and embellished completed the springy card.
Here are a couple of other recent cards that were also made from card parts.  The first one is a background made with acrylic paint and glitter glue.  The embellishment is a charm I picked up somewhere a long, long time ago.  I don't even remember where I found it.  The Dew Drops help balance the card.  Without another dimensional embellishment, the charm would look too heavy on the card.
This next one has been floating around half-complete for quite some time.  It's a background of collaged papers with a piece of yarn, a button & a charm.  The Dew Drops were added just to give it a sort of framed look.
And this last one is with my favorite panda stamp.  Grey Wolf Graphics has awesome animal stamps.  I grabbed the Chinese writing background out of the same bin as the daisy paper.  I chose Dew Drops to blend with the color scheme and fill in the blank space.

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  1. All your cards are great. I love the dewdrops also. They really stand out on a project.

  2. thanks for your application for the Robin Nest DT