Monday, September 2, 2013

Decorative Storage Solution

It's been a while since my last post.  I've been working happily away in my art journals and also completed a calendar swap page for the Midwest Stampers group on Yahoo.  I also made myself a magnetic board to hold my metal cutting dies.  It was super easy and relatively inexpensive so I thought I'd share the project with you.

It began with a quick trip to Lowe's but you can probably get these vent covers at any hardware store or online.  Because I don't own a large collection of cutting dies, I chose a piece of plywood that was 24" x 24" so I only needed two packages of covers.
I moved panels around to find the best configuration for the size board I have, trimming where necessary.  I drew lines on the board using a permanent black marker where the seams would be so that the board wouldn't show through between panels.  Then I "painted" Elmer's Glue-All Multipurpose Glue on the white (non-magnetic) side of each panel and laid them in place.  I covered the entire surface with waxed paper and heavy cookbooks while it dried.  I recommend trimming the excess off your panels before gluing them down.  I wasn't that smart and had to gently trim them afterward.

I admit that I was very worried that the Elmer's glue would not be strong enough to hold because the painted side of the panels are a little slick.  If I were to do it again, I might lightly sand the painted side to give each panel a little more grip.  But everything is holding together fine and it doesn't get handled since it hangs on the wall so I'm okay with it.  Gently wipe off the excess glue with a damp (not wet!) paper towel.

To add a decorative touch to it, I added a ribbon border using two different cream patterns.  I used Helmar 450 Quick Dry glue but any craft glue will work.  Don't glue the ribbon directly to the edge.  You will want to leave a little space between because...
...the board is held to the wall using mirror brackets which are covered by the ribbon and don't show at all.

The board is functional and decorative.

An added bonus is that tiny dies, like these clock hands, can be stored without fear of getting lost.

So there you have it.  The project only took a couple of hours and about $20.00 to complete.  I have my die sets organized and within reach and I don't have to dig around in a drawer looking for the perfect one. 


Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this project.  If you wish to follow my blog there are links here on the page.  Have a wonderful day!

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