Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life is a Game

Hello there!  I’m back again with another page from one of my art journals.  This one is from my “Life Is...” journal and it is a mixed media collage. 

The theme of this page is LIFE IS A GAME...PLAY IT so I chose ephemera that reminded me of games.  Some were loose pieces and others were actually pilfered from the game itself.  There are bingo pieces, a couple of losing lottery tickets, a few score sheets, some puzzle pieces, tiny greeting cards and raffle tickets.  There are even some small thin plastic poker chips.  I chose to leave areas blank, as well.

After laying down a layer of collage items I put a light coat of gesso over everything.

I chose to use yellow acrylic paint as the background color because it is found in a lot of games; there is always a yellow token.  It’s bright and would still let the  background show.  Then I went around the border of the page with a black Faber-Castell Gelato.  I like the dark border but it was too stark against the yellow so I went in and added a middle red border with another Gelato.  Game-related stamped images were added in the areas that were left blank originally.  There is a chess piece, Ouija board, checkerboard & the four suits in a deck of cards.

I printed the words on red paper and cut them out and adhered them with matte gel medium.  When they were dry, I used a paint marker to outline each one.  I also outlined the poker chips.  A little rub-n-buff paint was added to the taller game pieces for highlights.

The page has a lot of texture because the game pieces were all various heights and the black border gives it nice frame.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.  As always, I welcome comments and followers!  See you next time.  Until then...happy crafting!


  1. Very fun page(s). I love all the different collage elements and the layering.

  2. Oh WOW, Robin. This is a really fun page, and I love all the texture and dimension you got with the game pieces. How cool!

  3. wow love this page what a fun project, sharing with friends...Rose