Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unusual Embellishments

Hi!  Would you like to play a game with me today while I sit here and try to figure out what today's project is going to be?  I have three or four started and ideas for more rolling around in my head and I'm stalling. 

First, let me start by saying that I have an embellishment obsession.  That's right.  I said it.  I had to admit it to myself yesterday when, on my way in to work from the parking lot, I saw a pine cone on the ground and had to make myself walk past it.  I started thinking of ways to pull it apart and put it on cards.  Really?  Who does that?  An obsessed person, that's who!

So this morning I started thinking about the non-craft items I've used on cards.  Here are a few of them.  See if you can guess the embellishment!

This Asian beach scene was a sketch card. Can you guess what the background is?

Did you say sandpaper?  Then you were right!  A circle of sandpaper forms the beach and gives it a nice layer of texture.  I just used regular scissors to cut it into a circle and attached it with double-sided carpet tape.

Okay, next card.  Another summery card with a beach theme.

Did you think those were paper squares?  Nope!  These are little Formica tile samples from one of the big box home improvement stores.  They are free and are hanging out on little racks for potential customers who are deciding on a color.  (Don't take too many all at once or the salesperson might get a little upset with you.)  I used StazOn ink so that it would stick to the shiny surface.  You have to use a steady hand because the stamp will want to slide around if you aren't careful.

A southwest card this time.  I love my cowboys and southwest stamps.  What could that cactus be?

It's self-sticking felt!  You know, like they put on the bottom of lamps and jewelry boxes so your tables don't get scratched!  You can buy it in big sheets at your hardware store.  I used a plastic stencil to get the shape and then added texture to it with a Sharpie.  The best part is that I didn't have to figure out what kind of glue would work best on the felt.

I was part of a swap where the hostess sent objects to be incorporated into your card.  What did she send?

A glossy map!  This one happens to be of a Metro Park in my own neighborhood.  I thought that was cool, especially since the swap hostess lives in another state.  Since we get visitors to our parks all the time I stamped up these gentlemen and have them exploring the park.

I made this nautical card years and years ago and it's still one of my favorites because of the textures on it.

Are you thinking sandpaper again?  No, sorry, not this time.  It's just regular play sand.  I covered a sheet of card stock with double-sided carpet tape and laid down the triangles of paper.  When they were stuck down good and tight I poured sand over the top, patted it down a bit and then dumped off the excess.  If you're covering a small space you can use white glue to hold your sand, too.

Okay, this one may be pretty obvious.  

It's a shaker card full of sesame seeds! I've also used them individually...

Are you embellishment obsessed?  Take a look around your world...not just your local craft stores.  It's amazing what will inspire you!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love to hear about your unusual finds!  You can leave me a comment below and, as always, I welcome followers!  Happy crafting!!

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  1. Your obsession created some very clever ideas! Thanks, as always, for sharing!