Sunday, June 8, 2014

ICAD Week One

So, it's the end of the first week of the Index-Card-A-Day challenge and I am proud of myself for completing one card each day!  I created most of these on my lunch hour sitting in my car with the windows down and the radio on.  I have an on-the-go art kit in my car just for this challenge.  It's a nice relaxing break in the middle of the day.  The photo I shared of my on-the-go kit last week is kept in my purse.  I expanded it a little bit for the car.  I'll try to get a photo of it this week for you.

I'm working on some areas of my art that I am less comfortable with, such as drawing my own pictures and lettering.  I am so used to rubber stamping that I haven't spent a lot of time doing things by hand.  I chose to follow the suggested theme daily prompts.  There is an overall weekly prompt as well, but I used mostly my own writing instead of cutting them out of magazines, etc.
Week One was cut out phrases, etc.
Daily Prompts

Here is what I did this week...

Circus Tent
My Name Is...
Nail Polish
Yellow (Images from Altered Pages)
I also had a road trip this weekend.  I went to the annual warehouse sale at US Art Quest / Art Papers Online.  So much goodness in one place!!  There was an entire room of sale items and full-priced items were 25% off.  Super fun to wander the aisles and see all the wonderful art supplies and gorgeous papers.  Here is just a sampling of what I picked up...
Over 50 sheets of 2' x 4' paper
Art Supplies on top of my big box of paper!
Perfect Paper Adhesive, 101 Heavy Molding Paste, Matte Finish spray
Mica flakes and hand made paper packs
Rubber stamps (new and used), Mica tiles, wire and an awesome metal tin with see-through lid
Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time, have a wonderful week and Happy Crafting!!


  1. All of these are great and very inspirational! Kudos to you for leaving your comfort zone. I admire that. xx

  2. Love your ICAD art... what fun! AWESOME score this weekend on your road trip!

  3. wow -- your index cards are marvelous. your own drawing is great you should keep it up. and I'm jealous of your fab shopping spree! awesome finds. xo