Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cards for a cause

It seems most everyone has some kind of collectible they like best.  I have a lot of different owl figurines, jewelry and wall pictures.  My husband likes die-cast cars.  My cousin collects pigs.  If you are a collector, you know how fun it is to find something new and different.

Friends of mine are active in their local ferret rescue shelter  And in an effort to help them raise money for the care and feeding of foster animals, I have made cards for the owner to sell.  I don't know how how much she charges.  I've never asked and I don't really care.  It's for the animals!  And even though I've never held a real one, these furry little clowns make me smile.  And I'm not the only one.  Her supporters love the unique hand made cards.

Here are some from over the years.  The ferret stamps are from Rubber Hedge Hog.

Stamped on blue paper, embossed in black and then bleached.
I like monochrome cards  This little guy's face jumps right off the card.
Hey, that's not your popcorn!
I guess the handyman should have kept that toolbox closed!
Who doesn't like to frolic in the leaves?

I've made a lot of collages with this shadow stamp. He fits really well!

Whatever craft you happen to prefer, consider donating your art work to a local cause.  Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you have helped someone.  Even if that someone is only a few inches tall.

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