Sunday, January 6, 2013

My first cards

My first play date at my cousin's house was fun but I was a little overwhelmed.  I knew she made beautiful cards because I had been receiving them on birthdays and holidays.  I didn't expect to see the "huge" collection of stamps she had.  Well, I thought it was huge!  I think I had all 3 or 4 of my stamps with me.  She had been stamping about 3 or 4 years so there were a lot to choose of course I had no idea what I wanted to do. 

I sat down and wondered what to stamp. My husband had just said to me the night before that we needed to go shopping because there wasn't much in the cupboards.  When I saw this Mason jar stamp I decided to make a card for him.

I thought I was so clever to draw that can of's too bad I don't possess that type of talent.  I just can't draw to save my life.  But I love crafts and I can color anything.  I punched each of those little green circles, too!  Inside says, "Then it's time to go out to eat."

Okay, it's NOT great art.  I still have the same quirky sense of humor I did then and it tends to show up in my cards quite often!  I guess it's true that with age comes wisdom, because I'm smart enough now to know better than to try and draw my own pictures! I just search high and low looking for the perfect stamp to add to my ever-growing collection. 

I made a couple of other cards on my own right after that first trip to my cousin's craft corner.  I loved her embossing technique but didn't have a heat tool so she showed me how to emboss using a toaster.  That memory still makes me giggle.  I think I burned as many pieces of paper as I didn't burn.  It didn't take long to take that trip to start buying the right tools.  These were my other first few cards.  I still like the bunny.  She's just so darned cute!

Oh yeah, I drew the carrots and bees, too.  **giggle**

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