Saturday, January 19, 2013

Growing, trying new things

I have to laugh at myself.  I tell you all that I'm a rubber stamper and then post my new projects ... which don't include stamping.  I really am a stamper at heart.  Honest!  But I've been trying to broaden my horizons.  I have been attending online demos every week by Terri Sproul, who teaches mixed media techniques.  I've been attending the Saturday Crafts Fair and I've made lots of new friends on Facebook.  I've discovered craft companies I had never heard of.  It's been fun and it's been rejuvenating!

I've always liked learning new things and Facebook can be awesome for that if you let it.  I'm hoping that you will all enjoy my journey with me and like seeing the artwork I hope to create along the way.

You may have noticed that my new favorite project involves napkin collage.  Joe Rotella has an awesome YouTube demo and I just had to give it a try.  Today's projects are all gifts.  I completed one frame and the other two projects I had intended to do today are almost done.

I still need to work on adding finishing touches to my collages.  So far, it's been just adding a dusting of fine glitter.  I'll get there.  Like everything else, I'm going to have to hold my breath and dive right in.

Maybe tomorrow.

Wooden frames & birdhouse with a coat of acrylic paint.  All ready to go!
For Linda
UPDATE: The Day After

Here are the other projects I worked on yesterday.  A couple of them were unfinished and a couple were still drying last night when I made my post.
These are all gifts.
And look - I took the plunge and added embellishments!!
Robin's Birdhouse - the original
For Donna
Making art to share with friends and family.  What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

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  1. The decoupage frame looks great. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of it. :)

  2. I know you will do great at everything you will try. You are a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing your projects and I love the frame, it is gorgeous.